• After finishing his first year of college, Chris found himself impassioned by a creative writing class he took. Only to make a statement, he decided to write a 77,000 word science-fiction novel that showed everyone he was going to accomplish what he set out for
  • Deciding to make a statement at age 19 that he could accomplish challenging feats, Chris wrote a 77,000 word  science-fiction novel in one month. His days were consumed with writing for hours at a time, and his commitment to accomplishing this feat was unwavering.
  • Six months after self-publishing the first novel, Chris deciding to make a statement yet again that he was not a one book author and published the second novel in the series which came in at 33,000 words while he was a full time student.
  • Only a few months after completing the second novel, Chris partnered with his life-long friend to co-found their first business.

Experienced Business Owner – VHS Rescue:

  • As a co-founder of his first company, Chris took charge by initiating multiple marketing initiatives that started to bring customers in. Chris took full control of the company 6 months after it’s inception through a win-win buyout. Once the word got out of the quality service his company was providing, the phone would ring constantly for years to come.
  • Becoming interested in expanding the companies reach to a national platform, he achieved success through online marketing and expanded the company’s influence throughout the country with mail in orders coming from states across the country and four operating centers throughout California.
  • Local clients were enamored by his punctuality, professionalism, cleanliness, and passion for business and provided him many opportunities to expand into different industries which he politely declined so he can focus on his own company.
  • Being known throughout Los Angeles as the most reliable family heirloom business kept him on his feet, 24/7 which brought him amazing fulfillment.
  • Throughout the five years he oversaw operations, Chris grew his understanding of what it meant to run a tight ship, provide exceptional customer service, excel in online reputation management, manage contractors and franchisees, master client relations, and what it takes to run a successful business.  

Standing CEO – App Makers LA:

  • When App Makers LA needed assistance in management, App Makers LA day-to-day operations were entrusted to Chris for nine months. He was entrusted to bring the same level of excellence to App Makers LA as he did in the previous venture with one of the Managing Members of App Makers LA and delivered results with confidence.
  • Chris was responsible for delivery of several projects that were in the later stages of development and incomplete. He worked hand-in-hand with the project stakeholders to ensure that their vision was satisfied before deploying the project to their distribution platforms.
  • Before incoming leads committed to sign, Chris showed them the personal care and attention-to-detail they were going to receive after signing the project proposals he created, and as a result signed many contracts during his nine month tenure as Acting-CEO.
  • Chris held Project Managers accountable for completing projects on time, and held them to a high level of professionalism’. He gave project managers autonomy while holding them to the same standards he expects of himself. This created a culture of self-responsibility within the company and as a result, he was able to focus on acquiring new business and the companies day-to-day operations instead of being involved in the details of each project.
  • Chris provided the Managing Members with regular briefings on the status of the companies daily operations, and was able to relieve them of daily responsibilities allowing them to focus on new growth paths.

Income Stream Creator:

  • Becoming very time restrictive while conducting business, Chris started to keep an eye out for opportunities that would provide a him a constant income stream with minimal time spent. He knew drinking cold beers with friends was an experience he shared with everyone throughout the country which inspired his first product in the line of seasonally designed koozies he’s offering made to bring a steady stream of year round profits.
  • Chris started to build a brand through promotions on social media and building relationships with content creators who were able to promote his products to relevant markets.

Big Data specialist:

  • Chris is an active holder of the Spark & Hadoop developer Cloudera Certified Associate 175 certification.
  • Continuing to pursue his curiosity in technology brought Chris into a training program on Big Data processing and analysis, technology stacks, and programing frameworks, while emphasizing distributed computing clusters.
  • Implementing what he absorbed while in the specialized trainings, Chris inspired team work while working to build a system which validates a digital asset is for non-business critical processes and enforces compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act while creating audit records.